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The whistleblower protection law requires that organizations employing at least 50 people implement a channel for reporting suspected malpractice. The organization can also use the channel to notify the whistleblower of any actions that have been taken.

For companies that belong to the same group, we are happy to provide separate quotes that cover the needs of different companies in the group.

Please fill out the contact form or send us an email, and we will be in touch and go over any issues related to activating the channel.


Learn more about the notification channel’s pricing

The Notification channel’s setup fee and monthly service fee are based on the company’s number of employees. Members of the chambers of commerce receive a discount on the monthly service fee.

Set-up fee

Monthly service fee
Monthly service fee
(normal price)
1-49 employees 300 € 50 € 100 €
50-99 employees 300 € 80 € 160 €
100-249 employees 300 € 110 € 220 €
250-499 employees 500 € 250 € 500 €
500 employees and more 1500 € 350 € 700 €
Notification channel
The whistleblower protection law will require organizations to provide a channel for reporting suspected malpractice.

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