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With the Belgian Chambers Notification Channel service, you will be able to provide a secure notification channel for your personnel and stakeholders in an effortless and cost-effective way.
Book a personalized introduction to the service here. Available in French, Dutch, German and English.
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How to activate the Notification Channel

Book an introduction

You can contact us directly by email
or by using the contact form.


Book an introduction to the service

Learn more about the notification channel during one of our information sessions, or contact us by email or by using the contact form.


We will contact you to schedule two online workshops.
  1. We will discuss the channel’s features and company-specific settings with you.
  2. We will present the finalized channel and train the people processing reports inside your organization to receive reports.

The channel will be ready for you to use according to your desired schedule.


Plan, document and communicate
Design and document the notification processing, archiving and reporting procedures that are appropriate for your company. Carry out the impact assessment required by the GDPR and create a privacy policy on the processing of notifications for users.


After activation

Once the notification channel has been activated, communicate it to your personnel and stakeholders and remind them of the channel’s existence regularly.


Notification channel
The whistleblower protection law will require organizations to provide a channel for reporting suspected malpractice.

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